Let’s turn this ugly duckling into  beautiful swan!

Clarendon College Physics Laboratory Project

Greetings everyone, and first, we thank you all so very much for your kind donations to this project and for your interest in the well being of the students at Clarendon College. 

We have good news and bad news. First the good news - the modular building has been constructed and is ready to be shipped to Jamaica. It will be placed in the same position as the old lab, and will have the same footprint. 

The bad news - we were not able to obtain the necessary duty waiver from the authorities in Jamaica in time for the building to be shipped to arrive in Chapelton by the time of the 75th Anniversary Celebrations on July 23. The old lab has been demolished and the plan is to have the new building installed before the students go back to school in September.   

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Half of the building as it will be shipped to Jamaica sitting on a truck chassis ready to be taken to the wharf to be put on a barge and shipped to Kingston. The missing veranda is part of the concrete platform currently being built where the old lab was on the campus, and the roof for the veranda will be attached after cranes have lifted the building into place. 

new Lab - outside 

Paying off

​​the New

cc physics laboratory

Physics Lab Update

new lab - inside

hard work and lots of help

Half of the inside of the Lab, showing two of the four work tables that will have stools for seating and underneath storage space. An additional two worktables will be in the other half, for a total of six. There will also be workstations for 12 students in a separate computer room in the other half of the building. 

lab building update

The lab was built according to codes specified by Jamaica's Ministry of Education, and to Florida's building codes, is constructed to withstand Cat. 5 rated hurricanes, and has a reinforced roof to allow for the addition of solar panels when funds become available.