Let’s turn this ugly duckling into  beautiful swan!

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To refurbish and rehabilitate the Physics Laboratory at Clarendon College. We cannot drop the ball and let the building remain as it is. With your help we can make it new again.

Thank you for joining us at our fun winter fundraiser! 

photo gallery

We know you would like to see the state of the lab as it is because it could never be as bad as described, right? Please see photos here of the "Ugly Duckling" (most taken October 2016) and of the architect's rendering of the "Beautiful Swan". 

Clarendon College Physics Laboratory Project

Most of the Clarendon College buildings built during the '50s and '60s have been repaired or replaced, with the exception of the dilapidated and condemned Physics Laboratory, which sits in the center of the 120-acre campus. We want, with your help, to transform this Ugly Duckling into a Beautiful Swan for the Physics Department and for the School.

The Quantity Surveyor advises that the Contractor's July 2016 estimate to rebuild the Lab is J$16,434,890 (US$127,396). We have collected close to J$11,000,000 (US$85,276).  We need to raise another J$6,450,280 (US$50,000) to finish and furnish the Lab. 

*Currency Converter app on iPhone used for conversions. Exchange rate fluctuations and construction cost escalation will affect final figures.


​​the cc physics laboratory