Let’s turn this ugly duckling into  beautiful swan!

Clarendon College Physics Laboratory Project

We have been on this road for some time and are grateful to our main benefactor Dr. Aston Greaves, who is the catalyst that got the project going; to all the Clarendon College alumni who have donated, individually or through Alumni chapters in Atlanta, Kingston, Miami, New York and Toronto; and to the School for their cooperation. 

Thank you also to the Atlanta Chapter, for facilitating our collections through the Renasant Bank in Georgia, under the chapter's 501c3 designation.

Thanks to the team of volunteers that is working with us to make the Fundraiser a wonderful event for everyone who will join us on January 21, 2017. 

Grateful thanks to our young friend, Miss April Valdez, who has worked tirelessly with us on our cc-physics.org website. As C. L. Stuart would say, "the reward for work well done is more work". Look out April!