On another “giving back to CC” mission, my husband, Dr. Aston Greaves closed his practice in Washington DC  for one week in 2009, brought his associate dentists, Drs. Phillip Martin and Mitchell Nedab to Jamaica, and using three large barrels of supplies shipped earlier, they provided free dental treatment to CC students, kids from St. Augustine’s Home and adults from the Chapelton community. They worked in extremely challenging conditions at the Chapelton Hospital dental clinic and in a Colgate mobile dental van parked on the Hospital grounds, while the school bus shuttled the kids between the School and the Hospital.    

The group worked long hours - would not leave until they had treated the last person waiting and added an extra day to treat patients at the dental clinic in Tivoli, Kingston, where they had to do even more improvising, but again with very grateful patients. 

The group had great logistical help from the School, and great chair-side and support help from past students - Cordella Cautheri, Camile Darby, Sheena Vacciana, Beverley-Stuart Broderick, Donald Stuart and from Marguerite Chinn, Angela Gray and Mark Reid (Beverley’s son).  At the end the group was invited to the school and each individual was presented a commemorative plaque, to the loud cheers of the student body gathered in Stuart Hall for morning devotions.  

It was a very gratifying mission and the dentists were pleased to see so little work needed on the kids' teeth. We were all happy to be there and it is a mission we hope to repeat. 

- Oonagh Stuart Greaves on behalf of the Stuart Family -
November 2016

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