Let’s turn this ugly duckling into  beautiful swan!

Clarendon College Physics Laboratory Project

the main benefactor

The Physics Lab was built in the 1950s, has been uninhabitable for many years, and was actually condemned some years ago. As one of the buildings very familiar to the Stuart family - it was built while Mr. Stuart was Principal, Donald taught Physics there, Oonagh and Beverley had Zoology classes there - the family is not willing to see the building "go away" without making an all-out effort to have it restored to its former glory.

Many attempts have been made over the years to get a project together to fix it, but they have all run into the problem of not having the money to do it.  

Dr. Aston Greaves was among the visitors to the school during the 70th Anniversary celebrations and was told that the dilapidated structure was the Physics Lab that was built during Headmaster Stuart's tenure. Full disclosure - Dr. Greaves is Mr. Stuart's son-in-law and was a major donor during the rehabilitation of Stuart Hall a few years earlier. He was told there was no money to fix the building - asked how much it would cost - was given a figure estimated at that time and pledged on the spot to provide that amount for the rebuild. The Stuart sisters undertook, like they had done with the refurbishment of Stuart Hall, to spearhead the Lab rehab project.

The School is fully on board, and has set up a special fund at their Bank in Chapelton to receive  donations. Individuals and Alumni Chapters have been donating toward the needs inside the building, e.g., computers, equipment, furniture, special electrical and plumbing needs. Our January 2017 Fundraiser is necessary because the design has been modified to accommodate a classroom to be used in tandem with the Lab and because of the lapse of time, all related prices have increased since this project first began.