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Clarendon College Physics Laboratory Project

Stuart Hall - After


My sister Beverley, my brother Donald, and I, spent our formative years on the campus of Clarendon College beginning when our parents moved to Chapelton and our father, C.L. “Pops” Stuart, started his tenure as the Headmaster. We attended Clarendon College and have maintained many close friendships dating back to our high school days.  

When our father arrived at Clarendon College in 1946 there was one building – Tavanore. Most of the buildings on the campus today were built during his 23 years as Headmaster. Stuart Hall, though, which is named for him, is the one we think of as our Dad’s building. 

Beverley and I had not been to CC in a number of years and when we visited in February 2005, the dilapidated state of Stuart Hall brought tears to our eyes – we decided then, there was no way this building, named for our father, should exist in that run down condition. In so many words; we came, we saw, we were very, very sad, and we decided to take action. The building was some 40 years old and, perhaps because of its open structure, it was clear that time, the elements, and thousands of students, had taken their toll. We realized that we, as the children of the man whose idea it had been to build the Hall, were uniquely placed to ask for help to bring about its complete restoration. Bear in mind that Stuart Hall was completed shortly before our father retired, most of his students did not know Stuart Hall and most of the students who used Stuart Hall over the years did not know him.

We had encouragement and full cooperation of the School, the Board of Governors, and many past students and friends in our effort to restore the building. We began by sending out over 900 solicitation letters to past students, friends and acquaintances. We received donations large and small; we held four fund-raising parties; and our family provided the remaining funds needed to complete the renovation, which was expanded to include extensive landscaping around the Hall. Beverley oversaw the project from beginning to end and was a fixture at Clarendon College during the months of work. The building was restored, re-dedicated and handed back to the school as part of the Founder’s Day celebrations in February 2007.  

- Oonagh Stuart Greaves on behalf of the Stuart Family -
November 2016

Stuart Hall - Before