Let’s turn this ugly duckling into  beautiful swan!

Clarendon College Physics Laboratory Project

wall of fame

We are designing a Recognition Wall inside the lab, to acknowledge contributing donors. There will be a silver wall fixture and a gold wall fixture on one side and on the other side we will have individual plaques. 

For contributions of $100 or more, made in any of the different ways to help found on this site, except for ticket purchases, names will be inscribed as follows:

$100 up to $499 - name etched on the Silver Wall Fixture

$500 up to $999 - name etched on the Gold Wall Fixture

$1,000 and above - individual Wall Plaque

Please be assured that donations, large and small, will be acknowledged, with gratitude, by the Stuart family.

Any requests for privacy will be honored.

Note: in order to be included, all donations and contributions must be received by Wednesday, May 31, 2017.